Millie Bartlett is an analogue collage artist currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Her work articulates a strong visual language that is at once funny and feminist, romantic and razor-sharp, polite and political, tender and tumultuous.  Contradiction is her cup of tea.

The tension between woman's position as subject and object is a point of recurring interest in her work.  In the press, women are either over-glamourised or made to look like monsters from the planet Cellulite and No Make Up.  Millie takes the glamourised women from different eras and lends them a little hyperawareness and a skewed context, thus checking the collective bullshit detector to highlight how times haven't changed.  

A student of the male gaze, Millie creates collages that speak of the self-consciousness of the watched.  In addressing this gaze, sometimes she batts her lashes in return; sometimes, she turns it to stone.

She loves the smell of really old paper and never works digital.